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Noisy Pipes? Here’s What Might Be Causing It

Noisy Pipes

If you have been dealing with noisy pipes, here are the possible causes.

Noisy pipes can become a nightmare for a homeowner, especially if they start rattling in the dead of night! If you’re dealing with the problem, know that you don’t have to learn to live with it. Often, noisy pipes have clear causes and the noises should go away as long as you have a professional plumber come out to address the issue. There are a few reasons why your home might have noisy pipes.

Water Hammers

Sometimes, when water travels through a pipe and it gets to the end close to the faucet, it may end up producing a loud noise akin to the swing of a hammer. One trick we plumbers use to prevent this is installing vertical pipes close to the faucets, called air chambers, in order to cushion the water like a pillow. Every so often, these air chambers need to be refilled, and if you’re hearing water hammers, that’s your sign that it’s time to refill them.

Water Pressure

Noisy pipes may also indicate that the water pressure in your plumbing system is too high. You should have a regulator attached to the water supply line that controls the pressure of the water in your plumbing system – use this to adjust it down a little bit. If your home doesn’t have a regulator, you should contact a professional plumber to have one installed. Not only can this help quiet your noisy pipes, it may also save you money on your utility bills and extend the longevity of some of your appliances by reducing the amount of wear and tear it gets from daily use.

Loose Mounts

Check the plumbing in your home which is visible and make sure they’re fastened tightly. Sometimes, the fastening can become loosened, causing the pipes to vibrate and bang against the wall. If this is the case, tightening up the mounting straps should address the issue and give you peaceful nights of sleep once again!


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