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How Does Hard Water Affect You?

How Does Hard Water Affect You?

Hard water can be more damaging than you realize.

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. When water gradually filters through limestone and chalk, it takes on this higher mineral content. Most homeowners don’t typically think about the water that they use is hard or soft water, but the distinction can make a difference in the quality of your life and lifestyle. Read on to learn more about how hard water affects you.   

Your Hair

Whether you wash your hair in the shower or in the kitchen sink, that water is traveling through the same system of pipes. If you’ve noticed that your hair maintains an unusual dryness or frizz and you’ve tried countless products, then the problem could be hard water. If you see those unsightly deposits on your showerhead or faucet or even experience an accumulation of soap scum that you can’t control – that could be a sign that there is a hard water issue in your home. Even if you choose to color your hair, the brilliance of the color won’t last as long when you’re washing with hard water.

Your Skin

In the same manner as your hair, you may notice that your skin feels dry or even itchy. In fact, that higher mineral content in the water can even begin to show up on your scalp. This isn’t hazardous to your health, but it can make you uncomfortable and be unsightly.

Your Laundry

With hard water, you’ll notice that your clothes don’t get as clean as they used to. There will be a dullness in the color and even a dingy smell. That’s because the high mineral content reduces the effectiveness of your detergent. If you’ve seen any of the beforementioned conditions in your shower or around your sinks, you should consult a plumber about the best remedy for the hard water in your home.


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