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Helpful Tips Your Plumber Wants You to Know

Helpful Tips Your Plumber Wants You to Know

As plumbers, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that there are certain things that might be common sense to us but are entirely foreign to others.

As plumbers, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that there are certain things that might be common sense to us but are entirely foreign to others. We occasionally will receive phone calls from panicked homeowners, and we shake our heads and think, “if only they knew.” That is why we are going to take a bit of our plumbing knowledge to hopefully spare yourself a bit of headache and trouble down the road. Here are a handful of tips that shouldn’t be exclusive knowledge of a plumber!

Do Not Overtighten Plumber Fittings

If you have a connection that might be leaking, it can be effortless to tighten. However, overtightening connections is one common mistake. When you overtighten your connections, you could crack threaded nuts or ruin any rubber seals. Start by making it a very finger-tight. Please do not give it more than about one-eighth of a turn with some pliers beyond that.

Find the Main Shutoff Valve 

If you do not already know where your valve is, make a note of it before a possible emergency happens. If your house has a crawlspace, the shutoff valve might be near the front of your house on a wall. If your house is built on a concrete slab, look to see if the shutoff valve is near your water heater or underneath your kitchen sink. It might also be in your garage. In certain homes, the shutoff valve is located outside. If this is the case, it is typically at ground level underneath a rectangular or round cover near the street. Depending on where your valve is, you might need some special tools to access it or turn it on. A professional plumber can help you too.

Learn How to Use Plumber Tape Properly

This tape is very useful for creating a watertight seal in-between pipe fittings. These are a few helpful guidelines for a threaded fitting:

  • Clean your threads thoroughly first, and then start on the second thread from the ending
  • Wrap up the tape in the same direction as the threads
  • Make sure that the tape is always flat and never bunched
  • Keep consistent pressure to ensure a snug fit, and work away from the ending of the pipe to overlap the tape


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