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4 Common Reasons for a Clogged Kitchen Sink

4 Common Reasons for a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Call Alpha Plumbing today if you’ve been attempting to unclog your kitchen sink but haven’t succeeded.

Commonly, homeowners discover they have a clogged kitchen sink. After all, sinks are one of the most-used fixtures in the home. Think about how often you wash dishes, clean off food, or wash your hands not to cross-contaminate products. Fortunately, a clogged kitchen sink is avoidable. You can trust Alpha Plumbing to ensure your sink is back to normal when it isn’t. Here are the four common reasons for a clogged kitchen sink. 

F.O.G. is a Major Culprit of a Clogged Kitchen Sink

By “F.O.G.,” we don’t mean the cloudlike layer or mass that makes it hard to see while driving. “F.O.G.” stands for fats, oils, and greases. Any cooking grease with a lot of fat, such as oil, bacon, grease, or lard, will harden up as it meets the cool interior of a drain, causing clogs. You can dump any grease into an old coffee can and dispose of it. 


Pasta, potatoes, beans, and rice are four typical causes of a clogged kitchen sink. When exposed to water, they expand and create a paste-like substance that’s not good for your pipes. In addition, dishwater full of residue food isn’t the most hygienic condition for washing dishes. It’s best to scrape food into the trashcan before washing dishes to be on the safe side. 

Coffee Grounds

When mixed with water, coffee grounds also become saturated and block the pipes. We recommend throwing coffee away in the trash, throwing it into the compost heap, or sprinkling it on top of plants that thrive from acids, such as plants. 

Other Food Products

Once again, large food residue should go directly into the trash. It shouldn’t go down the pipes if it’s large enough to scrape with ease. However, we understand that it’s not always easy to get every crevice of the plate to be food-free. Besides the foods listed above, avoid celery and stringy foods going down the drain and bones, fruit pits, and eggshells. These components are too hard to go down the drain. 

What to Do If I have a Clogged Kitchen Sink? 

  1. Check to see if there is anything stuck in the garbage disposal. Run it to grind up any food scraps. If unsuccessful, reset the circuit breaker if the clog overloaded the motor.
  2. Use a plunger. Fill up your sink with three or four inches of water and plunge the clogged drain for about 30 seconds. See if the water is draining or swirling, and then you’ll know that it worked. If not, try again. 
  3. Call Us. Call Alpha Plumbing today if you’ve been attempting to unclog your kitchen sink but haven’t succeeded. 


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