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Bathtubs Vs. Showers: What’s Better for Your Bathroom?

Bathtubs Vs. Showers: What's Better for Your Bathroom?

When it comes to choosing between a bathtub and shower the choice ultimately depends on what will best fit your everyday habits, hygienic preferences, and available space.

Some homes are large enough to incorporate bathtubs and showers in them. Even smaller spaces can benefit from a bathtub/shower combination. However, depending on your lifestyle, you might need to choose one over the other. For example, many elders have trouble comfortably slipping into a bathtub. Also, walk-in showers have been trendy for quite some time. The choice ultimately depends on what will best fit your everyday habits, hygienic preferences, and available space. However, we can offer some guidance on the pros and cons. 


The pros? Bathtubs are excellent for healing sore muscles. Also, if you have small children in your home, it’s always best to bathe them in the bathtub. Another advantage is that this structure comes in various sizes suitable for any amount of space. In addition, you can place freestanding units anywhere in the room. Bathtubs also come in many different styles, materials, and tile surrounds. Air jets and whirlpool versions also enhance the bathing experience. The cons? Disabled people, whether older or not, can have much difficulty getting in and out of a bathtub. A bathtub can also take up a lot of space and water


The advantages? Showers use less water than bathtubs and allow people with mobility issues easier access. You can equip these structures with grab bars, non-slip tiles, and benches. Showers, like tubs, can also come with enhancements such as rain showers, jets, and steam options. The disadvantages? If you have shower doors, removing calcium and lime can take a lot of effort. Also, leaks can be problematic because it takes proper gluing and a lot of time to dry, leaving inhabitants without a way to bathe for a lengthy period. 

What’s More Valuable When it Comes to ROI? 

Every homeowner should want their home to have the ultimate value. Return on investment (ROI) is even more relevant if you plan on selling your home in the future. Particular upgrades can increase your home’s property value. If you have a tub/shower combo, it benefits you to keep it unless someone elderly is living in your home or wants to purchase it. If it’s more likely that a family will buy your home, keep the tub. 

You can count on Alpha Plumbing whether you own a bathtub, shower, or both. We’ll keep your bathroom in the best shape if you have plumbing issues


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