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The Dangers of Galvanized Piping in Your Home

The Dangers of Galvanized Piping in Your Home

If you’re concerned about galvanized piping in your home, call a professional plumber to check out your pipes.

Older homes are highly sought after due to their classic looks and prime locations. That said, the plumbing of these homes can often come with their own issues. This is particularly true if your home is 40 or more years old. This is because back then, galvanized piping was used in many homes. They were meant to offer longevity but it’s now known that they can end up posing serious health problems. If you’re concerned about galvanized piping in your home, call a professional plumber to check out your pipes—in the meantime, check out this blog to find out what the risks could be. 

What Are the Dangers?

In homes built before the 1960s, they may have included galvanized pipes. The intention was to coat steel pipes with zinc in order to stop them from rusting or corroding. However, these pipes are still prone to both rust and corrosion when given enough time. When this happens, lead can end up in your water. Lead in your water would be a dangerous health hazard, which is why it’s so often recommended that anyone with galvanized piping replaces their pipes with newer, safe piping. 

“Do I Have Galvanized Pipes?”

Initially, galvanized piping may look like nickel but that all changes over time and depending on the environment. If you’re unsure, first find where your pipes enter your home. Search for your water line. You need two simple tools to do this test: a magnet and a screwdriver. 

Try scratching the pipes with a screwdriver. If the color that appears is the same shade as a penny, that may mean it’s made of copper. The magnet also won’t stick to a copper pipe, so you can test that way as well, keeping in mind that a magnet obviously won’t stick to something like PVC. However, what may cause concern is if you scratch your pipe and a grayish, silvery color is revealed. If the magnet sticks to them in addition to this, it’s likely that you have galvanized pipes in your home.

Other Possible Issues

While we certainly want to highlight the potential health risks, galvanized pipes cause other issues, too. They may end up reducing your water pressure. They could alternatively make your water pressure too high or just create inconsistencies. Sometimes, we see discoloration in water from galvanized pipes caused by the erosion. If left untreated, that erosion may eventually cause your pipes to leak and cause water damage in your home.


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