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Two Common Issues Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home

Cold water is hardly an emergency in the grand scheme of potential plumbing issues. First, it could be a sign of low water pressure. Or, it could be an overflowing toilet, a clogged drain, or a burst pipe that are big plumbing problems. Cold water when you want hot is a definite nuisance, however. If you’ve got no hot water, you can’t take a relaxing bath or shower, and everyday tasks take way more time or aren’t as effective (like washing dishes or doing laundry). A lack of hot water often is related to missed preventative maintenance, but not always. Read on for reasons you may not have as much hot water as you’d like.

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Look out for these two common issues of low water pressure.

Issues With Your Water Heater

Sometimes the lack of hot water is directly related to the water heater not functioning correctly. In many cases, if you notice that you never have enough hot water, you will likely find that the water heater isn’t big enough for your home. You may still have a smaller water heater, even if you have expanded your home by finishing a basement or second story to add more living space. It would help if you had a larger water heater or an on-demand heater with more space, appliances, and people in the house.

Another potential issue with your heater is that the burner might not work well. If the burner isn’t fully functional, likely, the water in the tank isn’t getting as hot as it needs to in the first place. Finally, sediment build-up in the tank is another major issue. Rust, dirt, sand, and other material can precipitate out of the water and collect in the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it takes up space that could be filled with water (meaning you’re heating less water each time), and it also blocks the heating element, usually at the bottom. 

Issues With Appliances

There is also a possibility that you aren’t out of hot water; you just aren’t using it as efficiently. If you’re trying to shower immediately after you did the dishes and ran the washing machine, you’ll probably run out of water. There is also the possibility that you live with people who use more hot water than any of you realize. Finally, if the issue only happens in the winter, it may be that your pipes are passing through uninsulated areas, and the hot water is cooling on its way to your fixtures. 


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