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How to Know it is Time for a Water Line Repair

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Do you know when it’s time for water line repair?

A residential main water line is usually a neglected, but absolutely crucial component of a home’s plumbing system. As the pipe that carries water inside the house, the main water line undergoes consistent use. If issues develop in the line, they could disrupt service and inflict severe property damage, and in some instances, lead to serious health hazards. Since the water line is usually buried, it isn’t easy to consistently assess the pipe’s condition. In certain cases, rolling with an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude is quite reasonable. But with your water line, you have to know what to look out for. Here are some signs that indicate it is time for a water line repair.

No Water Line Repair = Expensive Water Bills

A tiny leak may not be enough to significantly affect water pressure, but since water is consistently running through the line, it will lead to a considerable waste over time. If your water bills are consistently higher than usual and the average culprits (broken sprinklers, leaking faucets) have been eliminated, it might be time to inspect your water line for a repair.

A Dip in Water Pressure

As the pipe that brings water inside the home, any clog or break in the water line will result in less water making its way through to faucets and fixtures. Isolated dips in pressure, affecting only one sink, bathtub, or showerhead, may indicate some kind of problem with the lines somewhere inside your home. In contrast, a steady drop in pressure that affects the entire house more than likely indicates a problem with the supply line. This is an indication of a water line repair.

Soiled Water without a Water Line Repair

Breaks and cracks within a water line can let debris and dirt flow into the water moving inside your house. These foreign materials contain dangerous toxic chemicals and can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria once they are inside the home’s water lines. This creates a serious health risk for everyone living inside your home. If the water coming from the faucets has a grainy texture, weird smell, or looks cloudy, then it’s possible you require a water line repair to keep your family from getting sick.

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