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Locating the Water Shutoff Valves in Your Home

Locating the Water Shutoff Valves in Your Home

For all the pipes in your plumbing system, there are water shutoff valves controlling the flow of water.

For all the pipes in your plumbing system, there are water shutoff valves controlling the flow of water. These valves will generally be closed off when repairs need to be made to your plumbing, in case of emergency, or when you will be away from home for an extended period.  It’s important to know where the shutoff valves are in your home so that you can be prepared in case of breakages, issues, flooding, or other emergencies where you will need to shut off the water flow immediately.

Check Your Valves

Luckily, main water shutoff valves can generally be found where the main water line enters your home, the area next to a washing machine hookup, or the area around the water heater, but it’s important that your other valves are located and in good working order in case of any emergencies. These valves can come in a variety of types depending on economic factors or the appliances the line connects to. Generally, valves will rotate to open and close, and these valve handles will be plastic, bronze, or steel. Plastic valves are economical, but if you check your valves and find plastic handles, you should consider upgrading to a more reliable option like stainless steel that will allow your valves to operate better and require less maintenance. Steel ball valves, most commonly used for main shutoff valves, are designed to turn on and off easily and feature lever handles, making it one of the most reliable valve options available.

Shutting Off Your Valves

Once you have located your valves, in the case of a running toilet, leaking fixture, or other plumbing issues, the appropriate valve will need to be turned off. Identifying the right valve for a particular appliance can be tricky, so here are some common shutoff valve locations to check for.

  1. Under the Sink: Shutoff valves for many sinks are located in the cabinet underneath. Two valves should be located here, one for each temperature faucet, and since the valves are directly below the appliance, you can easily check these valves by turning on the faucets while the valves are shut off.
  2. Behind the Toilet: Below your toilet’s tank, at the base of the appliance, is a single shutoff valve for the toilet.
  3. Basement: For tubs and showers, shutoff valves can be much more difficult to find. These are usually located in the basement and can be hidden behind ceiling tiles or otherwise tricky to locate. If you’re having trouble locating the valve for your tub or shower, it’s a good idea to call a plumbing professional to check your valves. A washing machine’s valves are also located in the basement, though they are much easier to find. Like the sink, this appliance has one shutoff valve for hot water and one for cold water.


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