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Health Problems Associated With Sewage Exposure

Health Problems Associated With Sewage Exposure

Exposure to sewage is something all of us find offputting but it’s important to recognize that there are also major health problems associated with it.

Sewer lines are practically a modern miracle, allowing us to take full advantage of all the wonders of home plumbing systems. It lets your bath, garbage disposal, toilet, and more get rid of water that you don’t want. That’s a stark contrast to what we had before, where poor sanitation was common as a result. Exposure to sewage is something all of us find offputting but it’s important to recognize that there are also major health problems associated with it, something that some homeowners can still end up facing as a result of sewer problems.

Past Problems

Can you imagine cities without plumbing? Take a 16th-century European city, with all kinds of bells and whistles that would remind you of modern cities. Streets, markets, bustling businesses. At the same time, there would be roadside trenches filled with sewage, pooling in literal cesspools. You’d also have to be on the lookout for flying waste, as it wasn’t uncommon for people to dump it out of their windows.

As you may imagine, this wasn’t great for public health. Dysentry, typhoid, and cholera were all common results of drinking sewage-contaminated water, which caused a number of deaths. We’ve certainly come a long way.

Modern Issues

While our sewage situation is infinitely better, there are still some potential problems. Let’s take a look:

  • Toilet overflows: It’s important that you handle any clogged toilets immediately. If you don’t, it can lead to sewage leaking around your house—so bring in a pro if you’re struggling. 
  • Septic overflows: Your septic tank is a mix of all kinds of things, like human waste, dirty shower water, and more. Exposure to what’s in your septic tank is a health risk.
  • Sinks and tubs: Clogged drains can end up bringing water from the rest of the system with it, including sewer water. It’s part of why clogs can be such a concern for homeowners.
  • Floor drains: Heavy rainfall can actually cause your entire sewer system to be overwhelmed. Low drains, like the one your basement may have, are the first area you’ll see this issue if it happens.


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