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Common Washing Machine Problems and Possible Solutions

Common Washing Machine Problems and Possible Solutions

Anywhere on your washing machine that hoses and/or pipes connect to each other has the potential to spring a leak.

You’ve made it! It’s now laundry day, and you’ve got your comfy sweats and an old t-shirt on and you’re ready to tackle that laundry that’s been piling up in the corner. You go to the laundry room, put in your clothes, and start up your washing machine… and that’s where the trouble starts. Oh no! What do you do now? Hopefully this will help.

Not Running

If you’ve set the cycle on the washing machine and it’s not making any noise or doing anything, it may not be receiving power. If it suddenly stops mid-cycle, the overload protector may have been tripped. If this is the case, all you have to do is remove a couple of things and re-start the cycle. Other possible solutions include:

  • Make sure the washing machine is plugged in. It may seem obvious, but anything could have shifted and caused it to be unplugged.
  • Check your circuit breaker. If your washing machine is plugged in and still not doing anything, check the fuses in your breaker box.
  • Inspect the cord. If there are any areas of exposed wiring in the cord, replace it.

Not Rinsing

Another common washing machine ailment is trouble with the rinse cycle. The very first thing you should check is if you are using the correct amount of soap. If you are using high-efficiency detergent, you don’t need nearly as much! Other possible solutions include:

  • Check the water supply. If the washing machine’s water supply valves aren’t open all the way, it may not be getting enough water.
  • Check the supply hoses for kinks.
  • Inspect the drain hose. If your washing machine can’t drain properly, it can’t rinse properly.


A leaky washing machine can be a huge pain. These leaks usually come from the hoses and connectors on the washer. Possible solutions include:

  • Check the fittings. Anywhere on your washing machine that hoses and/or pipes connect to each other has the potential to spring a leak. Make sure they are all secure.
  • Figure out if the machine is over-lathering. If the detergent you’re using is producing too many bubbles, it can cause your washing machine to overflow.
  • Check the seals. If you notice a faulty seal somewhere on your washing machine, call your appliance repair person right away.


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