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Common Reasons For a Garbage Disposal Leak

The Most Common Reasons For a Garbage Disposal Leak

Even though a leaky garbage disposal is an easy fix, there can be a couple of factors that can complicate the process a bit.

Even though a leaky garbage disposal is an easy fix, there can be a couple of factors that can complicate the process a bit. For example, a couple of different places within the connection system might spring a leak, so often, a challenging part of fixing a leaky garbage disposal is trying to figure out where the leak is coming from. Aside from the obvious connections, potential areas for leaks to include water inlets and outlets as well as seals and rings. Read on to learn about a few causes of a garbage disposal leak!

Check Your Connections: Flange

The flange is the uppermost portion of your garbage disposal, where the disposal and the sink drain meet at. The flange could develop a leak for multiple reasons. Check that all of your mounting bolts, typically three, are tight enough. Snug the bolts up with wrenches if you see any water dripping from any of the bolts, and be careful not to overtighten the bolts.

A second reason your flange might leak is if the seal, which is made of “plumber’s putty,” has failed. You’ll have to loosen the retaining bolts until you can see a gap around the disposal flange.

Dishwasher Connections

A few disposals are connected to the dishwasher drain pipe, which will drain leftover food removed from dishes going through your wash cycle. Leaks can occur in the hose connections where your disposal hose attaches to your dishwasher. Leaks could also happen if the seal on your hose is compromised or the clamp on the hose is not tight enough.

Discharge Pipes

The discharge pipes that go into the drain of your sink is attached to the bottom of your garbage disposal. Either of those parts can sometimes loosen from regular use or might fail with enough wear and tear. Check to make sure your connection is tight and tighten with a plumber’s wrench if required.

Jarred Plumbing Connections

Considering the garbage disposal systems are located underneath your kitchen sink, and since the spot under your kitchen sink is a common spot for storing all types of things, it is fairly common for the unit to get bumped. If it gets hit hard enough, your unit could shift to no longer sit straight. There are many ways to fix a garbage disposal leak, so keep these tips in mind!


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