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BasePump Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump Installation – Severna Park

Alpha Plumbing installed a primary sump pump and a BasePump water-powered backup for a homeowner in Severna Park. Rather than using a battery which requires maintenance and has a limited lifespan, the BasePump is powered through your public water supply. This makes the BasePump an ideal backup for homes on public water since the public water supply flows continuously, even during a power outage. The BasePump ejector sits above the sump pit up in the ceiling, and has a long PVC pipe that goes down into the sump pit. If the primary pump is not working, the higher water level raises the BasePump float and activates the BasePump ejector. The city water rushing through the ejector creates a suction force which causes the PVC pipe to act like a giant straw, pulling the water up. The water is then ejected through a separate discharge so that the Basepump’s operation is unaffected by any potential clogs or problems in the primary pump’s discharge line. The BasePump can pump 2 gallons of water per 1 gallon used, making it the best water-powered backup on the market.

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