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5 Handy Tips for Pipe Leak Detection


5 Handy Tips for Pipe Leak Detection

Leak detection is the best way to stop any leaks in their tracks.

Water damage can be terrible for your home. Leak detection is the best way to stop any leaks in their tracks and save your home’s structural integrity. Because we know that finding leaks before they become an issue isn’t always the most straightforward task, we whipped up five helpful tips to help. Here’s some of the most useful tips for preventing a pipe leak from damaging your home!

Check Out Your Toilets

The first thing you will want to do is check out your home’s toilets. The toilets in your homes use a large amount of water already. When there is a pipe leak within the toilet, the water usage sores even higher. To detect a pipe leak in your toilet, remove the lid from the tank and listen for any hissing sounds. If there aren’t any noticeable hissing sounds, add red food coloring into the tank of the toilet, then wait. If the water inside the pool has turned pink, there’s a leak. This is typically due to a leak involving the flapper.

Check Out the Hot Water Tank

From here, check out the hot water tank and check the pressure relief valve. This valve might be inside a drain, making it harder to detect a pipe leak. Remove the drainpipe or listen for the same hissing sound. If you hear hissing sounds, there is a pipe leak. You should call a professional plumber if you find a leak within your hot water tank.

Look At Your Meter Line

To check the meter line, locate the shut-off valve, then turn it off temporarily and remove the lid from the meter. Once you get the lid off, look to see if the meter is still turning around. If it is, the pipe leak is between the meter and your house or a leaking valve, which is very common for the older bronze gate valves. If this is the case, there might be a leak. To determine where the leak is, walk the length between the meter and the shut-off valve.

Check Hose Bibs Outside

Now check the hose bibs outside your house. Then take a screwdriver and place the metal part of it on the metal part of the hose bib. Then take your thumb’s knuckle and put it at the other end of the screwdriver. Place your ear onto your knuckle. This works like a stethoscope. If there is a pipe leak that isn’t visible, you will be able to hear it. From here, check all other leak points to make sure you didn’t miss a spot.


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