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3 Reasons Soft Water is Great for Your Kitchen

Soft Water

Soft water can make a huge difference in your kitchen – learn why below!

Many homeowners have hard water pouring in through their faucets everyday. And while many people recognize the beneficial effects of hard water (added consumption of calcium and magnesium), most agree that the negative effects outweigh them. Soft water is not only good for your plumbing system, but it can also do wonders in the kitchen. In fact, restaurants rely on water softeners to help them deliver the highest quality food! Why is soft water great for your kitchen? Here are three reasons.

1. Great Baked Goods

If you fancy yourself a home baker, you should know that soft water really brings out the best in your baked goods. Harder water can make your dough stiffer and the absence of minerals in soft water helps the taste of the dough stay true to its original flavor. In addition, softer water leads to slower-rising dough which is ideal for baking amazing baked goods!

2. Satisfying Beverages

If water is the main ingredient in your drinks, it will always taste better if it’s made with the best water available. Hundreds of compounds are released when you brew a cup of coffee or make a cup of tea. When you make it with hard water, the calcium and magnesium can actually inhibit the chemical reactions that occur on the taste buds, preventing the full flavor of the drink from coming through. If you’re serious about your coffee or tea, a water softener is a must-have appliance for your home.

3. Clean Kitchen

Scale buildup is a major problem when it comes to hard water and it can affect everything from your water heater and dishwasher to the actual appearance of your kitchen! Your glasses and dishes will tend to come out spotty from the dishwasher when washed with hard water. Moreover, mopping your floors with soft water will keep them looking nice and free of any spotty scale buildup!


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