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What Should I Do if I Have a Frozen Pipe?

What Should I Do if I Have a Frozen Pipe?

Frozen pipes are unfortunately common in the winter.

Frozen pipes are unfortunately common in the winter. Go around to all of the faucets in your home one by one and turn on the faucets. If no water comes out or if only a little comes out, the frozen pipe is one that feeds that faucet. If you have one frozen pipe, it is likely that you have more. If the frozen pipe is exposed, you have more options for thawing it out than if it is behind a wall. If a pipe is frozen, it may either have frost on the outside of have a slight bulge to it.

Open Up the Faucet

Before you even start trying to thaw your frozen pipe, turn the faucet all the way up. This will allow pressure, and eventually water, to escape the pipe and reduce the risk of a burst pipe. Open both hot and cold handles. This will ensure the maximum amount of water can escape.

A Very Good Place to Start

Whenever you’re trying to thaw a frozen pipe, start at the faucet and work your way back. This way, the steam created by the melting ice can escape. Starting closer to the blockage could cause a buildup of pressure that can cause your pipe to burst.

Thawing the Frozen Pipe

If your frozen pipe is easily accessible, you have far more thawing options. You could use typical household items, such as a hair dryer, space heater, or hot towels. If your frozen pipe is behind a wall or otherwise inaccessible, thawing may be a bit trickier. You can try to simply turn the heat up in your home. If you know where the blockage is, you can use an infrared lamp to warm the pipe through the wall.


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