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Is It Time to Replace that Old Toilet?


Having troubles with your old toilet? Learn whether you should replace it with a new one!

One of the last things you want to see go wrong in your home is your toilet. Having a toilet that doesn’t function properly can be a nightmare to live with and should be addressed as quickly as possible. Not only will a new toilet improve your quality of life but it can also improve the look and beauty of your bathroom! How can you tell if it’s time to junk that old toilet?

Clogging and Overflows

This is perhaps the most common sign that a toilet needs replaced. Clogs from flushed items can lead to really awful overflows and experiences in plunging and mopping you’d rather forget about. If you’re finding yourself plunging your toilet more than once a week for no reason, that’s a good sign that you should think about replacing the toilet. If plunging isn’t working at all, that’s an even better sign!

Constant Running

Spontaneous refills and consistent running may also be a problem indicating that you need a new toilet. Typically this is caused by worn or damaged flappers or a float that is improperly adjusted. A plumbing professional can look at this for you and determine if the problem can be repaired, or if replacement is in order. Leaking issues should be addressed promptly, or else you’re in for a scare when the water bill arrives in the mail!

Poor Flushing

Proper flushing can be affected by a number of different issues. Low water levels, a clogged siphon jet, worn down parts, or a clogged sewer line can all cause your toilet to not flush properly or even not flush at all. Your professional plumber can fix some of the problems, but these fixes may only delay the inevitable replacement of the commode. Perhaps you should get the problem totally fixed!


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