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Preventing Sewage Backups

The threat of a sewage back-up can be eliminated with some basic care and caution.

One of the most frightening things any homeowner might face is the threat of a sewage backup. Plumbing issues are one of the most common fears that homeowners have, and when you add the element of human waste in, it becomes a true nightmare. Fortunately, the threat of a sewage backup can be eliminated with some basic care and caution. 

Tree Roots 

One of the most frequent reasons for a sewage backup is that tree roots have grown through or crushed a vital pipe. During times of drought, trees and plants will send their roots far and wide to search for moisture, and sometimes that can mean a sewer pipe. There are several ways to keep your pipes safe including some chemical treatments you might use routinely. 


If you notice that only one area or fixture is clogging, you’re in luck as it’s likely that singular area that has a clog not the entire system. If you haven’t gotten that lucky but are guilty of bad flushing habits, you’ll likely need to call in a professional. It’s important to remember that your toilet is only for human waste and toilet paper. If you’re flushing goldfish, grease, paper towels or diapers (yes people do try to flush diapers) you’re setting yourself up for a sewage line clog. 

Effects of Time 

Even the most well-built sewage line has its lifespan. In older homes, in particular, sewer lines were often made of clay or even cast iron piping, both of which wear down and disintegrate over time. If you live in an older home and do not have data on when your sewer system was installed, it’s a good idea to have a thorough inspection and even a replacement before you have a backup.  


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