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How to Tell it’s Time for A Water Line Replacement

How to Tell it’s Time for A Water Line Replacement

Since the main water line is usually buried, it is difficult to assess the pipe’s condition on a normal basis.

A residential main water line is a usually neglected, but critical component of a house’s plumbing system. As the pipe that carries fresh water into the home, the water line undergoes consistent use. If any issues develop in the line, they could disrupt services, cause severe property damage, and, in some instances, lead to significant health hazards. Since the main water line is usually buried, it is difficult to assess the pipe’s condition on a normal basis. In most cases, rolling with an “out of sight, out of mind” mindset is reasonable. Here’s some of the tell-tale signs that you need a water line replacement.

Drop in Water Pressure

As the pipe that brings water into the house, any break or clog in the line will typically result in less water making its way through to any fixtures and faucets. Isolated drops in pressure, affecting only one shower sink or head, may indicate an issue with the lines somewhere inside your home, while a steady decline in pressure that affects the entire house most likely indicates a problem with the supply line. If you notice this, it might be time for a water line replacement.

Expensive Water Bills without a Water Line Replacement

A tiny leak might not be enough to affect your water pressure significantly, but since water is always running through the line, it will lead to plenty of waste over time. If water bills are continually becoming higher than normal, and the usual culprits (leaky faucets, damaged sprinklers, toilet running, etc.) have been eliminated, it could be time to inspect your main water line.

Pools of Water in Your Yard without a Water Line Replacement

Ranging anywhere from a wet patch of vibrant grass to a muddy fountain springing up randomly, this is the most obvious (and serious) indication that you need a water line replacement. Even if water pressure within your home isn’t severely affected, this issue should be addressed right away. Water seeping into the soil around the pipe will loosen it over time and turn your yard into a swampy mess. In addition to driving your water bills through the roof, the mud is a breeding ground for pests that can lead to other issues with your water supply.

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