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How to Save Money Through Greener Plumbing

How to Save Money Through Greener Plumbing

It seems like these days everyone is looking for good ways to go a little greener, even in their plumbing.

It seems like these days everyone is looking for good ways to go a little greener, whether that means decreasing your carbon footprint or limiting your use of resources. Some methods for making your plumbing green seem like they blow the budget, but there are also many that are not only economical to install but help you to save money in the long run. Here’s some ways to save money through greener plumbing! 

Updates For Pipes

Any pipes that are uninsulated or running through uninsulated areas, should be removed and replaced or you should insulate the pipes directly. When the hot water pipes run through basements or crawlspaces and are exposed to the winter air, the water in them cools significantly, wasting the energy you used to heat it. You also end up running the water more waiting for the actual hot water to make it to you. Insulating pipes or only running them through climate-controlled areas fixes this.

Updates For Pumps

Updating your water pumps for an on-demand hot water circulation pump is another way to save money and energy. When hot water sits in your pipes, it cools down. This means that when you turn on the water you have to let it run a bit till actual hot water starts to flow out. This wastes both water and energy (since you heated water only to let it cool in your pipes). Instead, an on-demand hot water circulation pump only circulates the hot water once you turn it on, saving money and energy. This is one way greener plumbing could help.

Updates For Water Heaters

In most homes, as much as 15% of household energy use goes directly to heating water. That is not only a pretty significant chunk of change, it is also a large environmental toll. There are two main ways that you can cut down on this expense. The first, and likely the simplest, is to replace your old, outdated water heater with a new one. Newer water heaters are designed to be much more efficient, meaning they can do the same work for less energy cost. This lets you cut down on your energy bill without sacrificing creature comforts, and in the long run, you will likely save more than the water heater cost you. The other change you could consider is swapping out the traditional water heater entirely for a tankless version. These water heaters heat the water on-demand, so there is less heat loss (since you don’t have a large tank of water that cools and has to be reheated) and less energy use. 


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