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How Hard Water Affects Your Home’s Plumbing

How Hard Water Affects Your Home’s Plumbing

Do you know what hard water is?

Do you know what hard water is? You might have heard it had something to do with lime scale. When you have your water come in from a publicly-provided source, it might not be as clean as you expect it to be. It will look clean, for sure, but it might contain calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are good for your body, they’re not good for your home’s plumbing. Let’s see how hard water can affect your various plumbing fixtures.

Your Pipes

Enough hard water in your pipes can cause a buildup of lime scale. Much like how high levels of cholesterol can block affected arteries, hard water and lime scale can clog up your pipes. It will cut off the flow of water, causing your plumbing to have to work harder to compensate for a less efficient output. Steel is greatly affected by this debris, but copper and PVC, are, happily, able to resist its effects. Eventually, the water pressure will get so low that you’ll have no choices but replace your pipes.

Your Faucets and Showerheads

Why does adequate water pressure matter so much? Imagine jumping in the shower on a particularly frigid, windy day after raking leaves or working in the yard all day. You’re expecting this gloriously hot water to come roaring out, and all you get is a drip. Even if the pipes are untouched, faucets and showerheads still tend to develop hard water because of how often they’re used. The hard water can stain surfaces all over your fixtures, not just inside them.

Your Water Heaters

As hard as it is to believe, hard water can build up on your water heaters, too. In fact, anywhere there is a source of water, that source can develop hard water. At some point, the hard water will form a film over your water heaters, making it more difficult for heat to transfer, and reducing the effectiveness of your water heaters. Now imagine this: instead of a dripping shower, you have plenty of pressure – but if sprays out ice cold water instead of a warm stream!


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