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Faulty Water Heater Signs to Keep an Eye Out For

The Top Signs of a Faulty Water Heater to Keep an Eye Out For

During the winter, the hero of your day is hot water from your water heater.

Sure, you could get away with a lukewarm shower during the summer. In fact, it might even be refreshing on a hot, sweaty day. But now that winter is here, and it’s time to crank up the heat, the hero of your day is hot water from your water heater. When the cozy layers and warm drinks fail to warm you up, a hot shower is a perfect cure. Recognizing some of the early warning signs of a faulty water heater system that is starting to fail is an essential skill as a homeowner, considering the early you see the problem, the less likely you’ll be out left in the cold. Read on for a few of the early warning signs of a faulty water heater to keep an eye out for!

You’re Running Out of Hot Water

Do you hardly ever have enough hot water for one shower a day? Wash the dishes and know that you are doomed if you want to have a warm bath afterward? Scenarios where you’ve only got a rationed amount of hot water are not fun, and you shouldn’t be using boiling water either, as that can be very dangerous. A simple fix is to adjust the temperature dial on your water heater’s settings. If this fails to work, call Alpha Plumbing to come out to take a look and fix your water heater.

Varying Water Temperature Issues

One second your water is way too hot, the next it is freezing cold, and sometimes it’s just right. It is easy to ignore these fluctuations in water temperature, but it might signal a much bigger problem with your faulty water heater that it’ll only get worse over time. A professional plumber can help figure out what is causing the drastic fluctuation in temperature.

Reduced Water Flow

Changes in your plumbing system’s water flow might indicate a buildup of scale or sediment within your water heater or within the plumbing that connects to the various spots inside of your house. This is definitely not a warning sign to ignore and handle later on, as the buildup will only get worse and possibly leave you without much-needed hot water on a cold winter day.


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