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Best Ways To Remove Rust Stains From Your Toilets

Best Ways To Remove Rust Stains From Your Toilets

There are easy ways to remove rust, even on your toilet bowl!

There is no denying that over time, rust stains can begin to appear on your toilet. Being aware of rust stains and knowing innovative and creative ways to get rid of them can make a world of difference. The reality is, these rust stains can tend to really cause lasting damage to your toilet itself. Ultimately, regularly cleaning your toilet is one simple and effective way to reduce the amount of rust that will accumulate in your toilet. Here are some effective and efficient ways to remove any rust stains from your toilet.

White Vinegar And Water

The combination of white vinegar and water is a great concoction that can help remove rust stains from your toilet. All you have to do is mix half your solution of white vinegar with half a solution of water. This combination will typically remove rust stains from your toilet effectively and efficiently. The reality is, you’ll want to get a cloth to dunk into the mixture and then rub that in the toilet itself. Ultimately, you can always use a sprayer bottle to make the experience a little less nitty-gritty and more palatable. The end result should be a clean toilet bowl that you can enjoy once and for all.

A Pumice Stick

Another great solution to the rust stains that might have formed on your toilet bowl would include a pumice stone. In fact, pumice stone or pumice sticks are a great tool to use for any rust stains. The reality is, simply wetting a pumice stick and then rubbing directly on the stains before ever rinsing and cleaning the toilet can make a world of difference.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having guests over but being embarrassed by the look of your toilets because you have rust stains all over the toilet bowl. In fact, there are many different useful ways to properly clean your toilet and remove any rust stains from the toilet. Removing rust stains from your toilet can make a world of difference when it comes to having your guests enjoy your toilet while also getting to enjoy your toilets as well. Now, you can freely invite guests over without fearing embarrassment. 


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