“Alpha Plumbing has saved me several times over the years! AP figured out—when a half-dozen other plumbing services could NOT—how to reinstall an air vent connected to the kitchen sink after my kitchen renovation contractor, in 2013, took a shortcut and installed a “cheater” vent. While various plumbers assured me that the cheater vent was a legitimate alternative, I couldn’t understand why my drain required clearing twice a year, especially since I put NO SOLIDS, NO GREASE down the garbage disposal!!! AP took me seriously and (ingeniously) figured out how to reconnect the vent with minimal damage/repair to the kitchen. They used cameras to look into the pipes as far as they could go. Because my house sits on concrete (no basement from which to look up to see the pipes), I still need a plumber to clear my drain every couple of years. We know something is going on with the underground pipes in this almost-50-year-old house, but excavating them will be a major expensive mess—not necessary at this time. Chuck, the owner, knows I don’t trust anyone but Alpha Plumbing to deal with this situation. The people who work there are family and long-term employees. I can’t believe how reasonably priced they are compared to other services! Ethical, caring people. I love AP!!!”
- Linda C.