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Departments of Public Works require that all food service facilities have a grease trap (or FOG interceptor), a grease recovery unit, or a specific exemption from this requirement. Proper grease trap installation and maintenance provide a mechanism to remove fat, oil, and grease (FOG), and solids from kitchen drain lines prior to those drains entering the sewer system. If not removed FOG can congeal within the pipes and cause a backup.

FOG and solids enter the trap and over time separate from the water—the FOG float to the top creating a level of scum. The solids sink to the bottom. Water eventually continues to pass through the trap and is eventually discharged into the sewer system. The scum and solids must be periodically pumped from the trap to ensure it continues to operate effectively.

Grease traps come in a range of sizes. Some are installed inside; some are installed underground outside. The type of trap needed depends on the amount of FOG and the flow rate that will potentially move through the device.

At Alpha Plumbing, we have 30 years of experience with grease trap installation, so we can help you determine which type of trap your facility needs. Since 1991, we’ve been providing comprehensive plumbing services to commercial clients throughout central Maryland, including Severn, Arnold, Baltimore, Catonsville, Crofton, Millersville, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Pasadena, Odenton, and Severna Park.

Our commercial plumbing services are professional and efficient, and we’ll ensure that you’re able to get back to business as quickly as possible. Our crews are trained and background checked, so you can trust that your facility will be in good hands.

Alpha Plumbing has expertise in installing all types of grease traps. If you need grease trap installation, call us at 410‐255‐5998 or request estimate and we’ll provide an estimate to install it for you.

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