Are You Tired of Your Basement Flooding?

At Alpha Plumbing, we’re often called to homes where the basements have flooded. If you’re tired of dealing with moisture in your basement, a Basepump sump pump might be the ideal answer. Our expert plumbing professionals have extensive experience in backup sump pump installation and with our excellent reviews and 30 years in the business, you can trust that there’s no better plumbing company to install your sump pump than Alpha Plumbing.

Since 1991, we’ve been providing full-service plumbing repairs to clients throughout central Maryland, including Severna Park, Odenton, Catonsville, Severn, Baltimore, Arnold, Crofton, Millersville, Pasadena, Annapolis and Glen Burnie. Give us a call to schedule your Basepump installation so you’ll never have to worry about a wet basement again!

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Basepump is an extremely reliable, very powerful, water-powered backup sump pump system. With no battery to wear out or maintain, and no charger to plug in or monitor, it’s designed as an automatic, independent system from the primary sump pump. Basepump is essentially in a class by itself.

Does rainwater keep flooding your basement? Are you tired of bailing, pumping, mopping, and vacuuming? Have you lost personal treasures or endured the hassle of restoring your property? Are you facing increases in your homeowner’s insurance because of basement flooding? Have you finally reached the point where you can’t take it anymore?

After researching extensively and gaining the approval of local plumbing inspectors, the latest in backup sump pumps is now available in our area. This pump does not require a battery that must be maintained and can only last for a limited amount of time when your electricity is out. Instead, it operates by using water power supplied through your public water supply, which flows virtually without interruption even when power is out.

The Basepump water-powered backup sump pump is the finest pump of this type on the market. Compared to similar products, the Basepump is capable of pumping twice the volume of water while using the same amount of freshwater (2 gallons pumped per gallon). Additionally, as the Basepump has a built-in atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB), it does not require an expensive reduced pressure zone backflow preventer (RPZ) which is required by code on the installation of competitors’ pumps and requires annual testing by a licensed plumber—an added expense.

During installation, a float is mounted in the sump pit above the normal high water mark. Under normal conditions, your main electric-powered sump pump will handle all the pumping duties. When the water rises higher than normal for any reason, the Basepump float in the sump is lifted and hydraulically activates the Basepump Ejector in the ceiling through a pressurized plastic tube.

As municipal water rushes through the ejector, it creates a powerful suction force that causes the PVC pipe to act like a giant soda straw, drawing water up from the sump and ejecting it outdoors. As the water level falls, the float drops back down and a preset timing control keeps the ejector running for about 30-45 seconds before shutting off the system. This allows a full pump-down of the sump, unlike some other pumps.

There are no impellers, turbines, motors, or mechanical parts to wear out. There are no batteries, wires, or chargers to monitor, tend to, or replace. Ever! The operation is fully automatic. It works whether you’re home or away, for as long as it’s needed. Basepump can supplement the primary pump when water flow is excessive. It installs and performs independently from the primary sump pump system. It’s reliable, heavy-duty, and durable. There is no better pump!

Is this the answer to your basement flooding problems? If so, call Alpha Plumbing at 410‐255‐5998 or request service online. We’re the authorized key dealer in the area and we’ll get the ball rolling to provide you peace of mind the next time the rains pour into our neighborhood.

For more information see: Basepump water-powered backup sump pump brochure

Superior Pump

If you’re on a well, the Superior Pump battery-powered backup sump pump is the best option for your home. Because your well pump is electrically powered and will lose power during an outage, a water-powered pump is not the solution for you.

The Superior Pump 92910 installs into your existing sump pit above your primary sump pump. When electric power is operating normally, the battery is charged to keep it ready. During an outage, it uses its deep-cycle marine battery to power the pump and keep your basement from flooding. How long the battery will last depends on its age, the amount of water to be pumped, and how frequently it needs to be pumped. This is different for every home.

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