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Signs That Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Low water pressure is a common complaint among homeowners, but pay attention to the dangers of excessive water pressure. Extremely high water pressure can damage your pipes and appliances, costing you a lot of repairs. High water pressure is not always easy to detect because symptoms usually manifest as minor, unrelated plumbing issues. Keep reading to find out if your water pressure is too high.


Do not ignore the downsides of high water pressure.

High Water Pressure Can Spike Your Water Bills

If you’re surprised by your latest water bill, it’s because you’re using a lot of water without even realizing it. Normal water pressure ranges between 40 and 60 PSI. However, because some houses with high water pressures have PSIs ranging from 80 to 100, a greater volume of water is now being pushed through your plumbing. Keep an eye out for it, and remember to contact Alpha Plumbing if you encounter any issues.

Your Water Pressure Is Sparse 

Assume you run out of hot water quickly, say, a couple of minutes into your shower. In that case, it’s possible that the water heater tank is refilling with colder water too quickly, causing the temperature your water heater has been attempting to maintain to be disrupted. Because of the increased pressure, your water heater must work much harder, resulting in increased wear and tear and an increased risk of a leak or breakdown.

You Hear Noises Coming From Appliances And Fixtures

The increased pressure may cause strange sounds from your plumbing-connected appliances. It’s not a big deal if your dishwasher makes humming noises. If it screeches during every cycle, you may have a pressure problem. The cause is likely due to seals or mechanical parts beginning to wear out, which may reduce the appliance’s lifespan. Machines, like your water heater, will wear out faster when forced to compensate for higher pressure.


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