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Likely Reasons Your Kitchen Faucet Is Leaking

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These are common signs of a leaky faucet.

The sound of your kitchen faucet leaking can be annoying. If you’re tired of hearing this sound and want to resolve this issue quickly, contact a local and experienced plumbing company like Alpha Plumbing for your plumbing needs. Continue reading to identify a few reasons why your kitchen faucet is leaking.

Unstable Components

Something as simple as having unstable or loose parts, such as unsecured nuts or a wobbly ring, can cause a leaking faucet. Merely tightening or replacing the parts will relieve you of your leaky faucet.

A Rusty Valve

Halving a corroded valve seat can be indicated if the leak seems to be coming from the spout. Accumulating too much water deposit in the valve seat can lead to a leak. This can be averted by consistently washing your valve seat, which a professional plumber can do.

Defective O-Ring

If your cartridge faucet is leaking, you might have a damaged O-ring. Your cartridge valve dominates the movement of water into the faucet spout. Your water flow can be disrupted if your O-ring is defective and can cause a leak in your kitchen.

Damaged Parts

A leaky faucet can stem from having damaged pipes hidden under the sink. If your pipes leak, this can also drive your sink to circulate. In this circumstance, a professional plumber would come in handy.

Clogged P-Trap

P-trap refers to the curved section of a pipe found under your kitchen sink. Over time, small pieces of debris, food, and other gunk can accumulate, causing a blockage in your drain and leading to a leaking problem. It can be hard to notice your P-trap leaks because it’s typically in an out-of-sight area. However, if you see the P-trap on your kitchen faucet leaks, you should contact a professional plumber immediately for repairs or possible replacement.


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