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Is Your Sump Pump Functioning Properly?

Why You Need a New Sump PumpA sump pump installed in your basement plays a crucial role in keeping your home dry and protecting it from potential water damage. A malfunctioning sump pump can lead to unexpected and costly repairs, making it essential to understand the common causes of failure. Being aware of these causes can help you prevent sump pump malfunctions and ensure it functions properly when it is needed the most. Here are some of the common reasons your sump pump may fail.

Your Sump Pump Doesn’t Turn On

In a severe storm, sump pumps can become non-functional due to power outages. This could lead to water accumulation in the basement or crawl space, damaging the property. It is recommended to install a backup sump pump or a generator to prevent this from happening. These backup systems can help ensure that your sump pump continues functioning even during a power outage, protecting against water damage.

A Damaged Or Stuck Switch

It’s important to note that the switch responsible for triggering the sump pump may occasionally encounter issues, such as a stuck button, which could prevent the sump pump from activating. When this occurs, it can cause a malfunction in the system. However, you can rely on the experienced and knowledgeable team at Alpha Plumbing to promptly identify and address any problems or damages related to switches and buttons.

Overflow Within Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps play a crucial role when managing excess water in your basement. However, not all sump pumps are designed to handle the same volume of water. In case you experience situations where your sump pump fails to keep up with the water flow, it might be time to consult a local plumber. They can assess your current sump pump and recommend a more powerful one that suits your home’s needs.

An Older Sump Pump 

It’s essential to remember that everything has a shelf life, including your sump pump. Even though they are designed to be durable and long-lasting, sump pumps generally have an average lifespan of seven years. If you have been using your sump pump for a while now and it’s approaching that age, consider replacing it to ensure your home’s safety and protection from potential water damage.


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