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Here Is Why You Should Be Sure To Remove Polybutylene Pipes

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Be sure to remove these pipes from your home.

Polybutylene pipes are water supply piping made of plastic resin developed in the 1970s and used until the mid-1990s. They were used as a substitute for traditional copper piping in home constructions during this era due to their low cost, flexibility, freeze resistance, and ease of installation. A plumber quickly identifies these pipes, but some homeowners mix them with PVC or polyethylene. Pipe sizes range from 12′ to 1/ in diameter. One way to recognize them is by their application – they are always used for water and are usually labeled with the code PB2110.

Why Are They So Hazardous?

Unfortunately, as promising as polybutylene piping initially appeared, it did not last. Allegations quickly surfaced that the pipes had burst, causing extensive water damage. According to studies, specific chemicals and disinfectants in the water caused the polybutylene to flake and develop tiny fractures from within, causing the pipes to fail.

Why Should You Replace Them

Polybutylene pipes deteriorate slowly over time and burst and flood without warning, so if you have this type of piping, you should have your home re-piped. Even if your pipes were installed when they were new, they are now old and inefficient. Damage caused by burst pipes can quickly become costly. You will not only have to worry about having someone replace the lines, but you will also have to pay for the sheetrock work and any additional damage to your home. 

Leaks Can Lead To Chemical Harm

Chemicals such as chlorine can corrode your pipes, weakening them so that leaks will crop up and cause them to rupture. The lines must be replaced, but the water damage caused by leaks and broken pipes can be extensive. Damaged walls, floors, and ceilings would have to be all repaired and replaced, resulting in costly repair bills. Another factor that causes this kind of plumbing system to fail is poor installation.


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