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Four Vital Signs That Your Water Pressure Is Too High

alpha-plumbing-high-water-pressureHow can you tell you’re dealing with a problem caused by high water pressure? After all, this can be quite challenging to diagnose. In this blog, are four indicators that you have high water pressure within your plumbing system.

Banging Noises In Pipes

When you run your faucet or flush your toilet, ideally shutting the water off or the flush cycle ending shouldn’t make any strange sounds. If you hear noises, this is a sign that the pressure in your pipes is already extremely high, and the shuddering is your pipes adapting to the pressure increasing when you turn off the water. You should immediately contact Alpha Plumbing if you hear banging or rattling from your plumbing system after shutting off the water.

Loud Appliances

Are you experiencing excessive noise from your dishwasher or washing machine during operation? This could be an indication of a water pressure issue. Higher water pressure can cause these appliances’ mechanical components and seals to wear out more quickly, leading to increased strain, noise, and a shortened lifespan.

Limited Hot Water 

Are you experiencing a problem with quickly running out of hot water? It could be due to high water pressure. Your water heater is meant to take in water at a specific rate to maintain a consistent temperature until the tank is empty. However, if the tank fills up too fast due to high water pressure, the cold water will overtake the hot water, resulting in a smaller hot water supply when needed. 

Increased Water Bills 

Have you noticed that your water bills have been unusually high lately? This could indicate high water pressure in your home, causing you to use more water than you realize. For example, a typical faucet at regular water pressure (say 50 PSI) uses about 30 gallons of water per minute. But if the pressure increases by just ten PSI, you could use 36 gallons of water in 10 minutes – an extra six gallons you might not even be aware of. 


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