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Consider The Benefits Of Video Sewer Inspections

Alpha Plumbing Video Sewer Inspection

Video camera sewer inspections are a helpful advancement in plumbing technology. They are accommodating for the staff at Alpha Plumbing because they enable us to see the health of your lines in real time and quickly detect any issues, such as clogs, cracks, or disconnections. Here are five reasons to consider getting a sewer camera inspection for your plumbing system.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

In the past, inspecting a sewer line involved digging trenches and disrupting the landscaping, which had to be restored later. This process was expensive and required a lot of labor. However, now we have the technology to feed video cameras directly into your sewer line to identify any issues. This saves you money by allowing us to detect and prevent damage quickly and avoiding the time, inconvenience, and labor costs of digging and filling trenches.

Locate Any Sewer Line Issues

As previously mentioned, utilizing advanced video technology to inspect your drain and sewer lines enables your plumber to identify potential issues, regardless of their location within the sewer line. This method effectively detects problems, such as broken or collapsed pipes and stubborn blockages that may lead to backups and unpleasant odors. Therefore, a video inspection is a reliable way to detect almost any problem.

Detect Root Intrusion

Root intrusion can cause serious plumbing issues as tree roots attract moisture in your drain and sewer lines. This can lead to leaks or clogs interfering with your entire plumbing system. A video camera inspection can identify where roots have entered your line.

Track the Health of Your Plumbing Pipes

As time passes, the walls of your sewer pipes tend to collect a build-up of dirt and debris from various sources such as solidified cooking oil, soap residue, rotting food scraps, garbage, and other substances. If you opt for a video examination, your plumber can examine the state of your pipe walls and determine whether your pipes require cleaning, mending, or replacement.

Prevent Property Damage

Sewer line problems can be dangerous for your health and property. Get a video inspection to catch potential issues before they become leaks. Consider options like snaking or trenchless sewer relining to fix any problems.


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